Executive Management Team and Board of Directors

Dr. Volodymyr Redko

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Co-founder


Dr. Redko is Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Co-founder of Enerize. Dr. Redko leads Nondestructive testing department of Enerize. He is a lead specialist in development of nondestructive testing methods for batteries, solar cells and supercapacitors, as well as for oil and rocket space industries, and other applications.

Dr. Redko brings more than 40 years experience as the head of departments, laboratories and projects in the space and energy storage industries. Previously, Dr. Redko was the Director of Nondestructive Testing Department of Ener1, Inc. a public company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida involved in development and production of lithium batteries, nanotechnologies and fuel cells. He led introduction of nondestructive quality control methods at Ener1’s battery manufacturing.

Dr. Redko is internationally recognized for his innovative results in nondestructive testing methods for different applications. He is a co-inventor of 50+ patents and patent applications and is an author or co-author of more than 200 scientific publications and presentations at international conferences. He developed industry standards for nondestructive testing for space equipment in Former Soviet Union. Later he applied these testing methods for 100% quality control in production of chemical power sources, which was recognized as the very innovative and vital for the industry. Dr. Redko obtained his Ph.D. in nondestructive test and diagnostics in 1973 from the Leading Research Technological Institute of Rocket Construction and General Machine Building in Russia.