New Materials

New polymer electrolytes for Lithium Batteries, Solar Cells and Fuel Cells

The polymer system team at Enerize has a great deal of experience in development of polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries and polymer membranes for fuel cells. The team's work also involves the synthesis of new polymer materials (polymer electrolytes and additives) for photovoltaic cells. These are (or will be) primarily electrolytic systems based on ionogenic polymers and viologenes, as well as their complexes with organic and inorganic (nano-article) compounds.

Polymer ionogenic matrices of greatest interest include polymer quaternary salts of a series of ionenes such as quaternized derivatives of polyvinylpyridine, and ammonium derivatives of polyepichlorohydrin. In addition synthesis of new viologenes such as photosensitization compounds (ammonium derivatives of 4, 4’-dipyridil and 2,2’-dipyridil) are underway.