Press Releases

October 09, 2015

Enerize delivers new technologies at Third Annual Go SOLAR & Renewable Energy Fest in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the premier event in South Florida to promote renewable energy and learn how to save money while using cleaner sources of energy.

Enerize presented achievements in three technologies, which Enerize is commercializing. These technologies provide the synergistic effect for efficiency of renewable energy:

Single layer nano-structured transparent polymers for encapsulation of solar PV modules, based on the Si and thin film flexible non-Si materials, to be cheaper, lighter, & deliver higher efficiency via encapsulation - versus glass or multilayer polymer coating. Other applications include OLEDs, flexible displays, smart windows, etc.

High-energy Li & Li-ion batteries, deliver higher energy and safety, while have a lower cost using Enerize silicon based binder free anode, solid inorganic electrolyte formulation, innovative equipment for thin film batteries production, and manufacturing technologies.

Non-destructive non-contact testing methods & devices for ensuring quality of initial materials, components, and cells, including in-line control during production.

Dr. Elena Shembel, Chairman and CEO Enerize Corporation also gave an oral presentation on October 10 "Nanotechnology provides breakthrough in performance of solar modules for energy generate, and Li-ion batteries for energy storage".