Nondestructive Testing Methods and Apparatus

Nondestructive Testing Systems for In-line Real Time Quality Assurance during Manufacture


Enerize offers an extensive line of proprietary nondestructive testing equipment, including pulse shadow ultrasonic, combined non-contact eddy current and capacitance electromagnetic, high voltage gas discharge, and contact eddy current systems, many of which can be adapted for in-process applications.

With growing emphasis on green and renewable energy sources, the quality and service life of devices used to generate and store this energy becomes an important issue. To obtain the most value from investment in devices such as solar cells, fuel cells, advanced lithium batteries and supercapacitors, their service life should be as long as possible.

Nondestructive testing that allows the quality of individual components and end-product articles to be verified can be an important factor in maintaining product reliability and holding down manufacturing costs. The greatest benefit can be derived when such testing capability becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to end product.

NDT technologies at Enerize have been developed over more than a decade, and include equipment for quality assurance testing of everything from powdered raw materials to assembled components and end products.



Enerize nondestructive testing systems and equipment include:

  • Ultrasonic sensors and systems for determining quality and service life of batteries, solar cells and supercapacitors,

  • Electromagnetic systems for quality assurance of battery and supercapacitor semi-products in both contact and non-contact modes,

  • Non-contact system for determination of powdered material conductivity as a function of bulk density,

  • High voltage discharge for determination of package seal integrity and detection of intercalated air and gas in thin film energy generation and storage devices, and

  • High-speed non-contact systems for determination of coating thickness and quality in roll-to-roll coating and sealing processes.

Many of the Enerize NDT methods are non-contact and can be automated for near-real-time, in-process quality assurance. Enerize NDT technologies of specific interest in electrochemical energy device manufacture include non-contact determination of conductivity of powdered materials, non-contact determination of the thickness and conductivity of thin films deposited onto substrates, testing of device seal integrity, and non-contact determination of electrolyte conductivity, to name a few.