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Enerize Corporation and Maxwell Technologies Develop Unique Method and Devices for Nondestructive Non-Contact Detection of Hidden Faults in Ultracapacitors

The newly developed electromagnetic method and the devices, are based on the use of electromagnetic transducers and allow detection of hidden defects in ultracapacitor collector welds before the ultracapacitor is impregnated with electrolyte.

Coral Springs, FL and San Diego, CA - March 09, 2009 - Development of a non-destructive test (NDT) system for quality control of welds in ultracapacitor electrode structures allows the manufacturer to avoid placing defective electrodes into their cases and makes it possible for operators to detect defective electrode welds prior to sending ultracapacitors to the next assembly step.

This system can be highly effective in improving product quality, reliability and product cost. Since the electrode "jellyroll" structures of ultracapacitors and conventional batteries are similar, this NDT system also can be used in the manufacture of batteries.

Welding quality is monitored without physical contact by use of new NDT devices. The air clearance between the electromagnetic sensor and the surface of the bottom collector slot is 0.25 mm. The non-contact mode of testing can also successfully be applied in quality evaluation of welding in automated ultracapacitor assembly line manufacturing.

The design of the new system allows determination of weld quality for each slot of the collector. For example, for a collector with four slots, the device uses eight transducers (four for cathode and four for anode collectors). Movable electronics modules are employed to control sensor parameters and for preliminary amplification and signal processing. The electromagnetic NDT system, designated as the EC - TLW, is fully integrated into a compact package. It is user friendly and can be adapted to a number of product quality assessment tasks.

Robert Crawford, Maxwell's director of operations, commented "Enerize has developed a non-destructive eddy current measurement system for Maxwell that can detect quality problems with our laser welds. This is a proof of concept system that will be used to optimize our laser welding process and ultimately improve our system equivalent series resistance (ESR) as we optimize weld quality. Eventually we would invest in an automated system that will test 100% of our welds".

Dr. Elena Shembel, President/CEO and co-founder of Enerize Corporation, commented, "We believe that the new non-destructive method is extremely effective in detecting hidden faults in ultracapacitors. It is a major further breakthrough of Enerize's activity in the field of non-destructive technology for the ultracapacitor and battery industries to test initial materials, semis and final product. We are looking toward to further collaboration with Maxwell in development of non-destructive testing devices for the ultracapacitor industry".

Enerize Corporation provides proprietary technology and technical know-how in non-destructive testing for various applications with an intellectual property portfolio that includes several issued and pending patents in areas critical to the advancement of the ultracapacitor, battery, solar energy and chemical industries.

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