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Enerize Corporation in Conjunction with Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. has Developed a Unique Non-Destructive Test System for Rapid Analysis of Powdered Materials

Newly developed non-destructive method and device provide rapid analysis of the electromagnetic properties and chemical composition of powdered materials as well as information regarding the chemical kinetics of the reaction taking place during material synthesis.

Coral Springs, FL - Tulsa, OK, March 06, 2009 - Enerize Corporation in conjunction with Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. has developed a unique non-destructive method and assosiated equipment for rapid analysis of the electromagnetic properties and chemical composition of the powdered materials based on CFx. This method is based upon electromagnetic properties of powder materials. The new system provides the chemical composition as well as information regarding chemical kinetics for the reaction taking place during material synthesis.

The newly developed non-destructive electromagnetic analysis system can replace. normally used wet chemical methods of analysis and/or the instrumental methods, such as XRD, XPS, XES and FTR for the determination of carbon/fluorine ratios in CFx (polycarbon monofluoride) samples. Current analytic methods are laborious, expensive, require special safety precautions, and must be carried out by experienced technicians.

This novel method has several advantages over typical instrumental procedures used in research and industrial operations to characterize the chemical composition of materials. It is inexpensive, rapid, accurate, and does not require special safety precautions. It requires only a few seconds to determine the elemental composition of the product material.

A linear relationship between electromagnetic properties and the composition of the material has been established to determine chemical composition of CFx in the range of x=.25 to 1.2, as well as provide information on the kinetics of the F2 and carbon reaction over wide range of temperatures.

A similar device for non-destructive non-contact analysis was developed and built by Enerize to determine conductivity of the powdered materials in the manufacturing of MnO2, LiMnO2O4,, graphite and other materials for lithium and lithium ion batteries. This system can be adapted for other application in the analysis of product materials for such devices as super capacitors and certain fuel cells. Electrical conductivity is one of the critical parameters for determining electrode performance in a variety of devices.

Dr. Elena Shembel, President/CEO and co-founder of Enerize Corporation, commented, "We believe that this new non-destructive method is extremely useful to characterize the physical parameters, material composition, purity, and uniformity of mixture component distribution, and so forth. It is a major breakthrough for Enerize in the field of non-destructive methods for determining the properties of initial materials as well as semi-product and final product to insure the quality of the batteries, supercapacitor, solar cell and other devices that are critical for green energy. We are proud of our long term collaboration with Dr. Meshri and ARC and look forward to further joint development of the non-destructive testing for chemical industry".

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri, President/CEO of Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. commented: "The new method takes advantage of electromagnetic properties of a substance and determines the composition of the powdered materials. It is a novel approach in the chemical industry for monitoring a variety of processes including synthesis, filtration, and drying, etc. especially at high temperatures and pressures and under corrosive conditions. This unique approach improves yields and uncovers hidden problems in manufacturing. It also enables reliable production of quality material to a variety of clients who have different specifications for the same material. In addition it is a very fast and inexpensive method for a quality control. We intend to explore more applications jointly with Enerize Corporation to provide additional benefits to the chemical industry."

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