Integrated Autonomous Power Systems

Integrated autonomous power systems combine the properties of an electrical energy generator and an electrical energy storage device to provide continuous renewable power. Enerize has developed new technologies for manufacture of solar cells based on photo converters using nano-crystalline and amorphous silicon. Enerize production technology makes possible thin-film, integrated circuits. Photoelectric modules with amorphous silicon alloys are deposited on flexible carriers (e.g., on polymer films such as polyimide or lavsan).  The thickness of the integrated circuit modules does not exceed 100mm. In addition, the technology does not use toxic gases or substances and provides a high production yield.

The Company’s goal here is to develop efficient autonomous electric power systems for wide variety of applications including remote phone stations, radio communication equipment, protection of petrol and gas pipe guides, thermoelectric vaccine refrigerators etc. To develop the sources, Enerize has created thin-film hybrid systems based on solar cells and lithium ion batteries. The solar cells developed by Enerize are based on nano-crystalline silicon and hetero junction structures. These systems feature low degradation rate and improved solar energy conversion efficiency.