Executive Management Team and Board of Directors

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri
Strategic Advisor, Director

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri is Strategic Advisor and Director of Enerize. Dr. Meshri is President and CEO of Advance Research Chemicals, a leading US chemical company, which produces all inorganic and organic specialty chemicals, inorganic fluorides and other chemical materials.

In Advance Research Chemicals Dr. Meshri modernized laboratories, increased yields and efficiency, and scaled up synthesis from laboratory to pilot plant. Dr. Meshri built three chemical plants having multimillion-pound production capacities in the US, Mexico and India. From its founding in 1987, ARC has rapidly grown into one of the premier specialty chemical companies in the world distributors in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Israel, India, Australia, and other countries. Advance Research Chemicals provides now quality products with customer satisfaction to over 200 of Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout 40 years of research and business development experience in the multidisciplinary fields, Dr. Meshri have established multimillion dollars chemical markets. As a Chief of Research, Head of the Department, Research Director, President/CEO, Dr. Meshri have been actively engaged in the selection and evaluation of research projects, development and/or improvements of new and existing products; such as electrolytes, cathode materials for high-energy density batteries, and many others.

Dr. Meshri actively participates in the national and international conferences, chaired the technical sessions and have served ACS chapters in various capacities from treasurer to chairman.