Corporate Partners

Enerize works with renewable energy industry leaders interested in procurement and deployment of Enerize renewable energy products and/or quality control methods and equipment.

Enerize establishes strategic partnerships with companies and institutions whose product development strategy complements the Enerize goal of bringing innovative technologies, new materials and improved quality control to manufacturing and marketing of renewable energy products.


Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.

Advance Research Chemicals, Inc., “ARC”, of Catoosa, Oklahoma is the largest and most well established manufacturer of specialty fluorinated chemicals in the world. It services clients from the semiconductor, electronics, energy storage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. is committed to serving the needs of its clients with utmost professionalism, unparallel turn around time and most importantly unmatched quality of products. More than 200 companies from the elite list comprising of fortune 500 companies are serviced by ARC. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

ARC has the most modern fluorine generation facility and meets all its in-house elemental fluorine needs for the manufacture of ion implantation gases such as tungsten hexafluoride (WF6), chlorine trifluoride (ClF3), xenon difluoride (XeF2), germanium tetrafluoride (GeF4), molybdenum hexafluoride (MoF6), phosphorous pentafluoride (PF5) which are routinely used in semiconductor industry. ARC is a leader in the manufacture of trifluoromethanesulfonate (triflates) salts of alkali, alkaline, transitional and rare earth metals, tetrafluoroborate salts of alkali, alkaline, silver, nitronium, nitrosonium, and transitional metals and other esoteric fluorides. ARC also manufactures a number of electrolyte salts such as hexafluorophosphates, hexafluoroarsenates and hexafluoroantimonates for a wide range of clients. ARC has a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory which can detect concentration at the ppb level which complements the manufacturing of these specialty fluoro chemicals.

ARC offers a series of quaternary ammonium fluoride, fluoroborate, and fluorophosphate compounds which is a new class of ionic liquids that have potential application in energy storage devices. ARC is the only manufacturer of hydrogen fluoride-amine complexes such as HF-Pyridine, triethylamine-HF (TREAT HF) which are powerful nucleophilic fluorinating agents.

A number of oxonium tetrafluoroborate salts manufactured by ARC are routinely employed by the pharmaceutical industry as alkylating agents. Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. is also engaged in the formulation, contract manufacturing, custom synthesis and packaging of a wide variety of products for industrial, institutional and pharmaceutical clients.

ARC’s manufacturing facilities are housed in two separate campuses and are spread out on more than twelve acres of land. The research laboratories, pilot plant and production facility occupy more than 80,000 square feet of space. They have an extraordinary group of professional engineers, scientists and chemists who are ready to assist you with all of your fluorine requirements.




US Nanocorp, Inc.

US Nanocorp, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 as a vehicle to identify, develop, and commercialize breakthrough technologies in the field of energy storage and energy conversion devices which exploit the extraordinary properties of nanostructured materials. The company was recently recognized nationally by a Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 Award, a first for a “pure play” nanotechnology company.

US Nanocorp has developed nanofibrous manganese dioxide for advanced rechargeable lithium batteries and nanospherical nickel hydroxide for alkaline rechargeable batteries and electrochemical supercapacitors, funded under NSF, NIH, and the ATP (NIST). US Nanocorp is also developing intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell components and large-area thin-film battery electrodes using industrial thermal spray techniques, funded under DOE, the Army, and the Navy. US Nanocorp is headquartered in Farmington, CT.

Enerize principals have a long-standing relationship with US Nanocorp and with its co-founder, President & CEO, Dr. David Reisner. Enerize currently has a sub-contract with US Nanocorp to perform NDT testing and evaluation of lithium batteries for the US Navy.

FiFe Batteries Limited operates a Li-ion R&D Centre in Oxfordshire, England. Its facilities include a 350m2 dry room complex of four interconnected rooms equipped with a range of Li-ion cell fabrication equipment. FiFe Batteries has the capability to make both 18650-type cells and the soft-pack (or polymer) 383562-type cells using a stacking design. Both these cells are used to develop Li-ion chemistries using standard cells. FiFe Batteries also has extensive capabilities in electrochemical testing, materials synthesis and characterization.

Enerize Corporation and FiFe Batteries Limited partnered to develop safe, low-cost, high-energy Li-ion rechargeable batteries for various applications including hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV). These batteries will feature advanced electrode materials based on new types of TiO2 used by FiFe Batteries, as well as high conductivity/high tap density MnO2 and low cost modified natural graphite developed by Enerize Corporation. In combination, these new materials have the potential to deliver significantly improved durability, reduced self discharge and lower cost than conventional Li-ion batteries.

The new materials will be complemented by other proprietary Li-ion technologies developed by Enerize Corporation and FiFe Batteries, including electrolyte additives for increased cycling stability and new electrode coating process that will allow the batteries to deliver more power on demand. During manufacture, new nondestructive test systems from Enerize will be used for quality control. Enerize nondestructive methods and systems can also be applied for real-time in-line quality control at the facilities of other battery manufacturers.

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