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Enerize Corporation and FiFe Batteries Announce Strategic Partnership to Develop Li-Ion Batteries for HEV Applications

Coral Springs, Florida and Oxfordshire, England - August 22, 2007 - Enerize Corporation, an emerging alternative energy company, and FiFe Batteries Limited, a developer of second-generation lithium-ion battery technology, have announced a partnership to develop safe, low-cost, high-energy Li-ion rechargeable batteries for various applications including hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV).

These batteries will feature advanced electrode materials based on new types of TiO2 used by FiFe Batteries, as well as high conductivity/high tap density MnO2 and low cost modified natural graphite developed by Enerize Corporation. In combination, these new materials have the potential to deliver significantly improved durability, reduced self discharge and lower cost than conventional Li-ion batteries.

The new materials will be complemented by other proprietary Li-ion technologies developed by Enerize Corporation and FiFe Batteries, including electrolyte additives for increased cycling stability and new electrode coating process that will allow the batteries to deliver more power on demand. During manufacture, new nondestructive test systems from Enerize will be used for quality control. Enerize nondestructive methods and systems can also be applied for real-time in-line quality control at the facilities of other battery manufacturers.

Dr. Elena Shembel, CEO and co-founder of Enerize Corporation, commented: "Development of safe, low cost, high efficiency Li-ion batteries is critical for new electronic devices and next generation hybrid electric vehicles. We believe that our partnership will address these requirements, and we are excited to work with FiFe Batteries in this endeavor. Rob Neat has an impressive track record of successful exploitation of IP and technology-based products, including successful management of Li-ion cell manufacturing businesses. We are also looking forward to working with auto manufacturers on the in-vehicle integration and testing of the new Li-ion batteries."

Dr. Rob Neat, CEO of FiFe Batteries, commented: "We believe that our partnership represents a strong combination of R&D and manufacturing capabilities. We are impressed with the IP portfolio and R&D capabilities of Enerize Corporation and are looking forward to complementing it with our R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Our joint goal is to produce multi-ton quantities of these new materials for electrodes, as well as development and testing of battery cells, modules, and packs."

About Enerize Corporation

Enerize Corporation is an emerging technology company founded by renewable energy industry professionals. The company owns more than thirty US patens and pending applications, and develops innovative non-destructive methods and devices for application in the production of energy devices and chemical industry. The company also develops advanced designs, and high performance, low cost materials, and technologies used in solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors. Enerize Corporation management team includes executives and board members with decades of expertise in the renewable energy technology and business development. For more information, visit or email

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About FiFe Batteries Limited

FiFe Batteries Limited operates a Li-ion R&D Centre in Oxfordshire, England. Its facilities include a 350m2 dry room complex of four interconnected rooms equipped with a range of Li-ion cell fabrication equipment. FiFe Batteries has the capability to make both 18650-type cells and the soft-pack (or polymer) 383562-type cells using a stacking design. Both these cells are used to develop Li-ion chemistries using standard cells. FiFe Batteries also has extensive capabilities in electrochemical testing, materials synthesis and characterization.


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