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August 16, 2021

Enerize Corporation new achievements for production of electrodes based on composition of silicon and graphite without binder.


Enerize method of faricating nano-structured silicon & graphite binder-free electrodes is based on the Enerize’s proprietary process of Gas Detonation Deposition. This method does not require polymer binder for electrode structure. Initial main innovative ideas for the technology producing these electrodes are protected by the Enerize US patent application No.13/068,480 “Method for Electrode production”.


The results of investigation of the structure and electrochemical properties of silicon & graphite binder-free electrodes were also presented in the article “Innovating Binder Free Silicon Based Electrode is Promising Anode for Stable and Safer Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Technology & Equipment for Production. Electrochemical Properties. Electromagnetic Non-Destructive testing” by E. Shembel, V. Redko, A.Markevych, Andrea Straková Fedorková, V. Khandetskyy, I.Maksyuta // ECS Transactions. – 2019. – Vol. 95, No. 1. 165-171.


Further developments by the authors of these innovative technologies have resulted in increasing electrochemical properties of the binder-free silicon based electrodes: energy, power, and stability of cycling. These results have been obtained due to the modification of equipment and technology for producing binder-free silicon based electrodes. The presence of graphite in the structure of silicon based electrodes ensures the electronic conductivity of electrode mass.


Lithium batteries with a silicon based anode are very promising, especially from the safety and energy points of view. This is because silicon based anodes don’t generate dendrites during cycling, and are safe and environmentally friendly unlike lithium. However, there is a well-known problem that is connected with the destruction of the silicon based anode during cycling. The destruction is the result of about 300% increase in the volume of silicon during the process of Li-ion battery charging. The Enerize Gas Detonation Deposition method for producing silicon based electrodes avoids this problem because it generates a high level of adhesion to the current lead, and a high level of cohesion between the components of the anode mass: silicon and graphite.


Advantages of the Enerize Gas Detonation Deposition process for fabricating binder-free Silicon & Graphite composition on the current collector are as follows:

  1. High adhesion of deposited layer of Silicon & Graphite composition to substrate of the current collector.

  2. Ability to vary the GDD process parameters and obtain the layers of binder free Silicon - Graphite possessing with required properties.

  3. Low cost, low power consumption, high throughput of GDD equipment, and, as a result, low cost of the fabricated Si layers, and final product – high energy batteries with non-aqueous electrolytes.

  4. Control of the deposition layer of Si for various thickness depending on application - from a few microns to a few millimetres.

  5. Control over variations in the deposited layer composition Si & Graphite and its porosity over a wide range (e.g. from 30% porosity to 60% porosity).

  6. Increase in the safety during battery cycling with binder-free Silicon based anode due to the absence of dendrite formation and cathode/anode short circuits.

  7. Deposition of binder-free electrodes based on Silicon & Graphite composition can be done on most metal thin foils and polymers.

  8. High throughput of GDD method to fabricate conformal coatings on large area substrates (up to several square meters)

  9. Discharge capacity of binder-free electrode based on Silicon & Graphite composition during cycling has high level discharge capacity that is near 1500 mAh/g


The structure of the composite binder-free Silicon & Graphite composition layer, which was fabricated using the GDD method, contains micron, submicron, and nano-sized particles of silicon. Study of this structure confirms that it includes graphene. The presence of graphene provides unique properties of an electrode based on a silicon-graphite composite: high electrochemical characteristics, structural stability during cycling, high adhesion to a metal current lead, and high cohesion between silicon and graphite particles in the electrode layer.


Electrode based on the composition of Silicon & Graphite is very attractive as anode for Lithium-Sulfur batteries. Both electrodes, based on Silicon for negative electrodes and based on Sulfur for positive electrodes have high levels of energies. 


As a result, the material balance for Si - S battery is more promising than, for example, for Si - LiCoO2 battery. As compared with the Li-S battery system, Si - S is also greatly promising because Si-based anode doesn't generate dendrites during cycling, is safe and environmentally friendly unlike Li. The idea of using binder-free Silicon & Graphite composition as anode, which was produced by using the GDD method, and together with Sulfur as cathode has been developed under the framework of NATO SPS 985148 project “Development of New Cathodes for Stable and Safer Lithium-Sulfur Batteries” / Science for Peace and Security Program. Enerize Corporation is an industrial partner under this NATO SPS 985148 project. 


The global silicon battery market size is estimated to grow from $38 million in 2020 to $177 million by 2025. Innovative method of Gas Detonation Exposition for producing innovative binder-free silicon anode will ensure unique properties of silicon batteries.


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