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Enerize Corporation Receives Two New US Patents for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Batteries

Inventions Allow to Improve the Quality and Reliability of Energy Sources and Reduce Product Costs.

Coral Springs, Florida, August 27, 2010 - Enerize Corporation, a leading renewable energy company, has announced that USPTO has approved two new Enerize patents "Integrated non-destructive method and device for electrochemical energy system diagnostics" No. 7783438 and "Apparatus and method for determining service life of chemical energy sources using combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic testing" based on PA No. 11/890,185.

The inventions are based on the integrated use of electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy for non-destructive sensing the internal volume of a battery. These inventions are conducive to be highly effective in improving the quality of energy sources, respective reliability, as well as reducing product cost. Among non-destructive methods and devices developed and produced by Enerize are methods based on electromagnetic, capacitance, ultrasonic, holographic interferometry, gas discharge visualization and combined fields.

Safety and reliability of batteries, ultra capacitors, and other energy systems are determined mainly by their design and chemistry. However, without adequate quality control during manufacturing process, defects do occur even in the best designs, which could lead to inconsistent performance and early failure. Enerize innovations allow deployment of automated 100% non-destructive non-contact quality assurance methods at every stage of the manufacturing process. This will increase the reliability and safety of batteries while lowering overall manufacturing costs by reducing waste and preventing defective components from being introduced into the finished product.

Dr. Elena Shembel, President & CEO of Enerize Corporation, commented, "We believe that the new Enerize innovations are extremely effective and beneficial for both the producers and customers of energy systems. The value of the Enerize innovations in the area of quality control is based on our team capability in a variety of non-destructive testing applications, as well as on the combined effect of our innovations in battery, solar cell, supercapacitor, and fuel cell technologies, material science and production."

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Enerize Corporation is an emerging technology company founded by renewable energy industry professionals. The company owns more than thirty US patens and pending applications, and develops innovative non-destructive methods and devices for application in the production of energy devices and chemical industry. The company also develops advanced designs, and high performance, low cost materials, and technologies used in solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors. Enerize Corporation management team includes executives and board members with decades of expertise in the renewable energy technology and business development. For more information, visit or email

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