Nondestructive Testing

Originally developed to advance the state of the art in renewable energy generation and storage devices including batteries, solar cells, fuel cells and supercap[acitors, and in nondestructive testing of mission critical components, Enerize technologies have a wide range of applications at the leading edge.

Overview: Operating principles of Enerize NDT technology encompasses ultrasonic pulse shadow, electromagnetic including the combined non-contact eddy current /capacitance, and high voltage gas discharge visualization.  Enerize NDT equipment is available, or can be custom built in a variety of configurations, for a wide range of applications.

In energy generation and storage device manufacture, Enerize NDT system can be used for quality assurance of everything from the raw materials that go into the process to the end product that emerges from the assembly line.

  • Ultrasonic pulse shadow equipment can determine the quality of internal battery, supercapacitor and solar cell components, and the general condition of these energy devices, including charge state.

  • Combined eddy current / capacitance (CECC) non-contact systems can determine the quality of thin films, multi-layered composites and conductivity of polymer membranes.

  • High voltage gas discharge visualization can determine seal integrity in pouch seals and detect pinholes and other flaws in membranes and thin films.

  • High speed electromagnetic eddy current systems detect defects in internal structures of dry battery components and structures.

In the petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical manufacturing industries, Enerize NDT technologies can be used to monitor the condition of infrastructure systems such as underground pipelines, as well as to remotely monitor liquid levels and storage tanks and the progress of chemical reactions in reaction vessels.

  • Ultrasonic systems can be applied to monitor the condition of underground oil and gas pipelines, including the function of their anti-corrosion systems.

  • Non-contact eddy current sensor a and systems can be used to determine parameters of internal medium including liquid level measurements, the interface between dissimilar liquids including oil / sludge and oil/water interfaces in storage tanks, and for determining  level of the interface between clear and opaque liquids.

  • Non-contact methods can also monitor the properties of material inside a tank or  vessel during material treatment or chemical reactions.

In the defense and aerospace industries, Enerize NDT equipment can be used to detect voids or de-laminations in composite materials, and to test the integrity of seals in systems with internal working media such as flexible batteries and solar cells.

Advantages of Enerize Physical Non-Destructive Methods Include

  • Reliability due to stand-off / non-contact operation

  • Efficient, fast, simple and inexpensive to implement

  • Easy to automate; results are obtained in real-time

  • Safe and less expensive than x-ray methods. Enerize systems do not require  any special protection for  operators or equipment;

  • Precise determination of specific defects

  • Provides 100% non-destructive control of manufacturing process operations and the quality of the end product;

  • Quality control of materials and products for which contact methods, in principle, can not provide reliable information.

  • Checks the properties of new materials including nano- and thin-layer surfaces and coatings, which are sensitive to the external actions