Originally developed to advance the state of the art in renewable energy generation and storage devices including batteries, solar cells, fuel cells and supercap[acitors, and in nondestructive testing of mission critical components, Enerize technologies have a wide range of applications at the leading edge


Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Applications

  • Quality assurance testing of bulk raw materials intended for use in manufacture

  • 100% testing of battery, solar cell, fuel cell and supercapacitor components during manufacture

  • High voltage gas discharge for determining the integrity of flexible pouch seals 

  • Quality assurance of thin film coated or laminated materials

  • Conductivity determination for polymer electrolyte thin films and membranes


Manufacturing Technology and Designs

  • High rate, high quality electrode material deposition using a glow discharge electron gun and a gas detonation process for the creation a high efficiency electrodes and solid electrolyte for micro-batteries

  • Proprietary processes for reducing interface resistance between the electrode and current collector of batteries and supercapacitors to improve power density and increase efficiency.

  • Processes for creating polymer materials, transparent conductive oxides and nano crystalline silicon that make solar cells more efficient.

  • Processes for making thin film materials for use in a new class of microelectronic sensors


New Materials

  • High performance ionomers for fuel cell and solid polymer electrolyte applications can operate at higher temperatures than current membrane materials

  • New LiMn2O4 spinels and graphites, including nanostructured materials for battery and supercapacitor electrodes.

  • Solid inorganic electrolyte with a high conductivity at ambient temperature for full solid state lithium batteries.

  • Thin film semi-conducting materials of cerium, tungsten, dysprosium oxides and two- composition oxide systems for a new class of microelectronic sensors

  • Encapsulation and protective polymer formulations that improve performance solar cell based on monocrystalline, nanocrystalline, and amorphous silicon