About Enerize Corporation 

Enerize Corporation is an emerging technology company poised to become a leader in the renewable energy sector.


Incorporated in 2006 by energy industry veterans, Enerize is an international company with headquarters and corporate R&D center in Florida, a business development branch in Italy, and R&D and prototype production facilities in Ukraine.


Enerize develops and deploys proprietary technology, materials and products, including nondestructive testing methods and material deposition equipment for the renewable energy industry. Enerize technologies can be used in the design, manufacture and quality control of energy generation, conversion and storage systems including Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Lithium and Lithium Ion Batteries, and Supercapacitors. Enerize also provides quality control, benchmarking and consulting services to companies developing and manufacturing such products.


Enerize is engaged in commercialization of proprietary products and technologies in the following areas:

  • Nondestructive testing for batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells, and fuel cells during manufacture, and for the oil and petrochemical industries.

  • New solar cell technologies including real time manufacturing nondestructive testing systems, new material technologies, and new manufacturing technologies and designs.

  • High power supercapacitors.

  • Synthesis of new materials for fuel cell polymer membranes, particularly synthesis of non fluorinated membranes for replacement of Nafion®.

  • Micro systems (sensors, batteries) based on proprietary material deposition technologies and materials including solid inorganic electrolytes.

  • Thin film deposition equipment

  • Synthesis of MnO2, LiMn2O4 and graphite modification based on Ukrainian raw materials.


Core Competencies - Keys to Success


Enerize brings together a unique set of international resources to create value for its partners and shareholders by capitalizing on core competencies. Among these are:

  • Substantial intellectual property portfolio

Enerize holds more than 20 US and international patents and patent applications.

  • Seasoned R&D team.

More than 60 scientist and engineers including more than 40 Ph.D.’s comprise the workforce in the U.S., Italy and Ukraine. Core team members have decades of experience and great expertise in technology and product development for both commercial clients and government agencies, including the US DOE and US DOD.

  • Expertise and track record in deployment of R&D-level devices and technologies into full-scale production.

Our technical and R&D executives have a successful track record of deploying advanced R&D technologies into full-scale production of energy-related products, including lithium and lithium ion batteries, solar cells, supercapacitors, nondestructive testing for quality control during manufacturing and other applications.

  • Business development, marketing and industry expertise of the US and Italy.

Our senior management team has decades of expertise in developing business concepts from emerging technologies in the US and international markets, in growing multi-billion dollar businesses and forming joint ventures with the leading corporations.

  • Worldwide recognition of the company’s principals.

Our technical and R&D executives are well known in renewable energy industry. Their work has been at dozens of international scientific conferences and industry exhibits in the area of renewable energy technologies and products.